We Build Healthcare Software

For over a decade we've designed and built technology for healthcare companies that solves real business problems. We're known for high-quality tech, fast iteration and beautiful design with a customer focus.

Why Echobind?

Echobind is a full-service digital agency dedicated to building custom software and websites that transforms businesses. Our interdisciplinary team combines technical know-how with deep user insight and healthcare industry expertise.

Our Healthcare Clients

Hospital systems, medical startups, providers and healthcare companies of all kinds trust us to design, build and maintain their technology.

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Our Services


Measure twice, cut once. Before we build anything, we'll make sure we're building the right thing.
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Technical Strategy
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Product Strategy
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Product Management
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Project Management


Good software is efficient to use, accessible, and beautiful. Design helps us build applications that reduce friction for users and save time and money for companies.
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Design Research
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User Experience
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User Interface Design


Your app needs to do what it says it will do. Fast. And reliably. We’ll build it to be rock-solid and give you the flexibility to build upon it.
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React Native Mobile
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Full Stack Web Applications
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APIs and Microservices
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Code Audits

Our Capabilities

Our interdisciplinary team combines technical know-how with deep user insight and healthcare industry expertise.

Web App Design and Development

Database-backed applications that run in web browsers, built and designed from zero to launch.

Mobile App Design and Development

Beautiful, feature-rich mobile applications that run on iOS and Android. Built by sharp engineers with a culture of top-notch engineering practices.

Telemedicine Applications

Patient video rooms and provider management features that run on smartphones and browsers. Tailored to your business needs.

HIPPA-Compliant Applications

Privacy is no laughing matter. We ensure that your patients' PMI stays private through your whole system.

APIs and Microservices

Backend services that serve single purposes, or serve up versatile data for whole systems. Built reliably, well-tested and ready to scale.

Payment Services solutions

We rearchitect complex payment systems to make them more efficient, easier to manage, and less costly using Stripe APIs. Learn more about our Stripe expertise.

Team Augmentation

Our designers and engineers can fit right into your in-house teams and hit the ground running with your existing projects.

Tech Assessment

Don't know how good your codebase is? Let our senior engineers assess it for you. They'll tell you how to improve it, or whether it's worth rewriting from scratch.

Deep Expertise and Thought Leadership

We not only build healthcare applications, we write and teach about healthcare as well. Take a look at a few examples from our blog.

When and Why to Hire Stripe Developers

Any developer can learn to use Stripe; not all companies want to have their own developers build their Stripe integrations.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us about your Stripe project now, we can’t wait to talk to you about it.