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Teladoc Health: Building the Future of Healthcare with Voice Assist

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TELADOC HEALTH engaged Echobind to support the building of capabilities to use an Amazon Alexa-enabled device to perform a Voice telehealth visit. This was a unique use case that required a lot of planning and preparation. Echobind worked closely with Teladoc to understand their workflow and identify areas that could be augmented to be compatible with this new use case of Voice Assistants.
Areas of expertise
  • Telehealth
  • Project Management
  • Engineering

The Challenge

To discover a solution to solve for quality assurance and the human element of call centers and providers, while also ensuring that the changes made were minimal and only focused on what was required for the scope of the project.

The Solution

Software designed to enable telehealth visits so patients can connect with healthcare professionals using Alexa-enabled devices for a healthcare service that is a more convenient and accessible experience.

The Results

Teladoc Health integrated with Amazon Alexa. The teams validated the app and documented minor bugs after deployment. The launch went smoothly and was publicly announced by Teladoc Health, the client, and Amazon.

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Teladoc's Integration with Voice Activation Technology

Previously when a member wanted to book a consultation, they had to either use the Teladoc Health application on their mobile device or call 1-800-TELADOC to connect with a call center representative. This was required to register for Teladoc service, schedule a visit, and connect with a board-certified physician. Working with Teladoc Health and Amazon, we found a solution allowing members to continue having a fantastic experience using the new voice activation technology.

Understanding Teladoc's Tech Stack

The first solution required understanding Teladoc Health&s tech stack. Digging into the existing stack allowed us to create ideas that would not disrupt the current flow from the call center representative to the provider. Spending time breaking down their tech stack and working with their engineering teams, product team, customer service, and other departments helped us ensure that all the changes were minimal and only focused on what was required. We also learned and considered what the teams were working on for future ideas.
An Amazon Echo Show screen displaying information from Teledoc

Integrating with Amazon Alexa

We wanted minimal lift on all sides. Figuring out how to integrate with Amazon Alexa was our next solution. We created bullet-proof code that seamlessly worked with Amazon Alexa to produce high-quality results. In addition, finding a solution allowed us to add new features like video in future phases.
An Amazon Echo Show screen displaying information from Teledoc

Keeping Call-Center Reps Essential

The call center representatives are vital to Teladoc Health and it was critical to make sure they continued to be an important end-user. Every change we made was ensuring the balance of the smallest details, from the whisper they would hear before a call, to ensuring their process was hassle-free was a top priority. We worked with their call center engineers to ensure the changes made would not disrupt their representatives, but would result in helping them complete an Alexa call within the timeframe they were used to.
An Amazon Echo Show screen displaying information from TeledocA graphical representation of a living room with an Amazon Echo Dot that's displaying a chat bubble with text coming from Teledoc.

Importance of Testing in Tech

Testing is always necessary in tech. What works locally only sometimes works for production. Here at Echobind, we take this seriously and wanted to ensure nothing was released without exhaustively testing by our engineers and QA. We tested on multiple devices and ran various scenarios while documenting the test cases and results in detail.

The Outcome

After various tests, tweaks, improvements, and sign-off from all the key stakeholders, we officially launched the Teladoc Health integration with Amazon Alexa successfully. After the application was deployed, the teams did initial validation and documented the minor bugs post-launch. The project went live with no significant glitches, and both the client and Amazon were able to announce the partnership launch publicly.

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