Where is Echobind?

We're all around you. Being a distributed team means we have people all around the US, working in the environment that makes them most productive and happy.

"We're a distributed team,

and we love it."

Core Values

Our distributed team orbits around our Core Values. These aren't just words in our Handbook, they're principles we embody and words we live by every day.


Be a great human

Empathize. Lead. Proactively identify and seize opportunities to effect positive change. Celebrate the success of others as much as your own.


Be curious

Constantly learning, exploring, and challenging the status quo. Open to new ideas. Understand and adapt to the business, clients, and products you work with.


Be veracious

Put quality first. Clearly define the problem, then build the right solution. Be impeccable with your words.

Meet The Team

We're constantly collaborating and pairing on exercises, which makes for a fun and supportive culture. This distributed model allows us to hire from a bigger, more diverse talent pool. It also means we’re able to invest in our people instead of fancy offices. Since no one has to commute to said office, everyone gets precious time back in their day for family and life.

Alex PatrĂłn

Creative Director


Learnings From Forking an Open Source Project

July 29, 2021

Learnings From Forking an Open Source Project

July 29, 2021

We were remote before it was cool to be remote.

Our remote culture is thoughtfully crafted to be collaborative and inclusive. From developer pairing to weekend activity sharing, we intentionally find ways to connect. We have invested in platforms that champion cross-team work and social connections, like our watercooler Wednesday meetups with a no-work-talk agenda.  We highlight each other’s wins and successes in work and life - wordle scores included. **Disclaimer: we are not afraid of some healthy competition and it’s every person for themselves in an afternoon game of Catan.

Work-life balance

And we mean it. 40 hours are optimal for a work week. Our CEO Michael Yared says “It’s less about how much you work, and more about how productive you can be while enjoying life.” Within your work week, each team member is given investment time to level up their skills and work on fun projects.

This is your time to spend on your goals. Everyone’s investment time looks different because everyone has different goals, and we appreciate that.  We strive to keep our clients happy, and we do this with our people-first philosophy.

We're better together

In our constantly evolving industry, there are always new things to learn. We support your aspirations and want you to continue learning and, similarly, we encourage teaching and sharing learnings wherever possible. Share your learnings at our demo Fridays or schedule a lunch and learn for the team, so we can all get smarter together.

We don't want you to fit in, we want you to belong

Echobind is a team of individuals who have different perspectives, backgrounds, educations, lifestyles, and learnings. Our workplace is better because of it. We are a fully remote team, able to hire from a bigger and more diverse talent pool.






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