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We're Echobind.

A digital agency offering strategy, design, and engineering services for brands with big ideas.

Our team is diverse. We bring unique perspectives and skillsets from a variety of backgrounds.

Photo of Mariah Grey, Software Engineer at Echobind

Mariah Grey

Software Engineer

Vanessa Bruce

Senior Product Designer

Photo of Kishan Gajera, Senior Software Engineer at Echobind

Kishan Gajera

Senior Software Engineer

Sean Ely

Content & Marketing Manager

Melissa Hart

Senior Delivery Manager

Brandon Richey

VP of Engineering

Photo of Deloris Thompson, Software Engineer at Echobind

Deloris Thompson

Senior Software Engineer

Lex Meola

Account Manager

Eloisa Docton

Senior Designer

Photo of Kaila VanSumer, Senior UX/UI Designer at Echobind

Kaila VanSumer

Senior Designer

Photo of Jeremy  Doucet, Senior Software Engineer at Echobind

Jeremy Doucet

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Claire Surma, Project Manager at Echobind

Claire Surma

Project Manager

Photo of Alex Anderson, Senior Software Engineer at Echobind

Alex Anderson

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Matt Thompson, Lead Engineer at Echobind

Matt Thompson

Senior Software Engineer

Photo of Zack Marty, Product Strategist at Echobind

Zack Marty

Product Strategist

Photo of Chris Ball, Chief Technical Officer at Echobind

Chris Ball


Photo of Sarah Case, VP of Operations and Strategy at Echobind

Sarah Case

VP of Operations and Strategy

Photo of Dennis Campos, Software Engineer at Echobind

Dennis Campos

Software Engineer

Photo of Preston Kelly, Software Engineer at Echobind

Preston Kelly

Software Engineer

Photo of Michael Yared, Chief Executive Officer at Echobind

Michael Yared


Photo of Cully Larson, Lead Engineer at Echobind

Cully Larson

Senior Software Engineer

We’re a distributed team, and we love it.

This distributed model allows us to hire from a bigger, more diverse talent pool. It also means we’re able to invest in our people instead of fancy offices. Since no one has to commute, everyone gets precious time back in their day for family and life.

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Our Core Values

As a remote team, our core values give us a sense of shared space and purpose. These aren't just words in our Handbook, they're principles we embody and words we live by every day.

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  1. Be a great human.

    Empathize. Lead. Proactively identify and seize opportunities to effect positive change. Celebrate the success of others as much as your own.

  2. Be curious.

    Constantly learning, exploring, and challenging the status quo. Open to new ideas. Understand and adapt to the business, clients, and products you work with.

  3. Be veracious.

    Put quality first. Clearly define the problem, then build the right solution. Be impeccable with your words.

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