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Screenshots of Hoag mobile application built by Echobind using React Native
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Based in Orange County California, Hoag Hospital is a healthcare company aiming to revolutionize what it means to be a hospital by providing state of the art amenities and forward thinking programs that bring together all there is to being healthy.

The Concept

Hoag's goal was to change the way and support patients. We wanted to expand upon a patients journey and incorporate their entire healthcare experience into one mobile application. Regardless of what type of patient they were at this moment, maternity, pediatric, or general, we wanted the experience to be curated and complete.

The Problem

Hoag hospital is revolutionizing what it is to be a hospital and building an app to accompany that mentality was a challenge. We were especially mindful that this app would engage patients at a variety of stages in their healthcare journey (general care, maternity, pediatric to start) and we wanted to be sure the app was useful and engaging to keep them coming back. On top of this we wanted to create a curated experience for each patient with a WordPress backend.

The Solution

We ended up understanding a patient as always being on the Hoag journey as a whole, but that their journey changes based on their current healthcare needs. We designed and built a solution which would allow use of the application without even logging in. You can see all that Hoag has to offer including classes, news, and care options. Once logged in the users experience begins to align with their personal journey. They can begin registering for classes and events. They also gain access to what we have deemed Healthcare Modules. These modules are where the curation of the journey really begins.

Users will access the module they are experiencing either by themselves or by a permission given to them by their doctor. Once they have activated a module their entire application experience begins to change. The home screen will dynamically change based on the patients journey; with maternity information during pregnancy, such as how far along you are and how big your baby might be at this point in the pregnancy.

The Outcome

We ended up with an app that engages patients on multiple levels. Patients are able to sign up for classes at Hoag such as yoga or pilates. They can schedule these for either in person or virtual. When a virtual class was scheduled a YouTube live link would be provided in the mobile application and once the class time has passed it could be converted to an on-demand class to watch at the patients leisure. We also used this functionality to allow patients to sign up for flu shot time slots which created an incredibly smooth process and actually had more flu shot signups then previous years. We have a fully dynamic mobile application platform that allows for scalability and adaptability.

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