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React Native Since 2015

React Native Mobile Applications

We've been using React Native since 2015. We design and build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV and Android TV.

Why We Use React Native for Mobile App Development

Deploying to both iOS and Android is important for any business with a mobile app. We made a calculated choice to become experts in React Native instead of the other mobile application frameworks out there. And we’ve never regretted it even once.

Building With Quality

Our engineers practice best practices on every level. We leverage TypeScript to eliminate a number of common programming issues; code linting and formatting to reduce human error; automated testing to prevent regression issues.

Quality Technical Process

No code gets shipped without someone else reviewing it. Automated tests, deployment, and release are part of our standard continuous integration workflow.

  • Source Control Workflow
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery
  • Error Reporting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Automated Testing

Need React Native Help?

We can design and build from scratch, audit your existing app, or augment your team. Drop us a line.

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