Delivering News in a Flash

The Problem

Axios’s news site had won legions of fans for their ‘to-the-point’ editing and formatting for the web. But the browser experience wasn’t working for mobile users.

The Axios Plan

With a growing user base that increasingly demanded news on the move, Axios needed to offer a native mobile app. That app had to allow users to follow favourite topics, and browse breaking news.

Traps and Challenges

Axios gave themselves a tight deadline to create a new product for iOS and Android. The React Native framework would allow them to build both apps at once, but Axios didn’t have enough in-house capacity to pull it off while also supporting their core infrastructure.

How We Helped

Echobind embedded three full-stack engineers with Axios for 8 months. They helped

  • build features for the new mobile apps
  • contribute to their news feed API
  • run tests and troubleshoot complex performance problems
  • set up monitoring tools to track and manage post-launch performance

Signs of Success

The new apps were launched on time and received thousands of four- and five-star ratings. It's also loved by many Echobinders—it certainly never hurts to love the products you work on.


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