We've got your back.

Have a half-finished app that's stuck in development?
Or an idea for an app that's stuck in your head? We'll unstick it.

We develop

Echobind can step in and lead app development for you. Be as involved or as hands-off as you like. Either way, you’ll get the benefit of our entire agency’s many years of experience.

Our apps include feedback and monitoring tools to allow us to better engage your users and optimize future work. We capture bugs, write tests and QA our work to ensure what gets deployed to production is our very best.

And because it’s never too late for a good idea, we can pivot and change course post-launch. Echobind sets up your project to accommodate running changes so your app is always getting better.

We help

It doesn’t matter how good your team is, high-pressure projects and difficult features will come along. When they do, call us. We’ll front the extra muscle to get your project over the line.

Looking for help with a new technology? Or need extra bandwidth to meet an impossible deadline? Just plug us into your team. We’ll bring whatever combination of developers, devops, designers, digital strategists or project managers it takes.

We have workflow systems that excel under pressure and project managers that immediately make you feel better about your project. So if your project’s losing shape or getting out of hand, don’t worry – we’ve got this.

We teach

Develop your developers with video lessons or custom designed courses delivered live. We can get your team quickly up to speed on emerging technologies.

You can even turn that difficult project into a learning experience. Echobind designs courses tailored to existing projects and needs. Your developers will work on your code and solve real issues as they go. Our instructors troubleshoot issues as they come up.

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