When and Why to Hire Stripe Developers

Mike Cavaliere
Mike CavaliereFriday, April 7, 2023
When and Why to Hire Stripe Developers

While Stripe is a platform that any developer can learn—their APIs are intuitive, and their documentation is top-notch—not all companies want to have their own developers build their Stripe integrations. Here are some thoughts on when and why you might want to hire Stripe developers from outside your company.

Reasons Why Companies Hire Stripe Developers

Here are the top five reasons for which we’ve seen companies hire stripe developers externally instead of building their Stripe integrations with their in-house team.

1. No in-house tech team

Many small and medium-sized businesses don't have the resources or expertise to manage their payment processing infrastructure. By hiring a Stripe developer, these businesses can take advantage of Stripe's capabilities without having to build and maintain an entire payment processing platform.

2. In-house tech team is busy

Even if a company has an in-house tech team, that team may be busy with other projects or may not have the specialized skills required to work with Stripe's API. They could spend the time to learn Stripe well and build it themselves. But it can also be more cost-effective to hire Stripe experts and get it done quickly while freeing up the in-house team to keep focusing on feature development.

3. Stripe is a specialized skillset

Stripe is a complex platform; basic things (Stripe Checkout) are fast and easy; more complex things (Stripe Connect, subscription-based billing models, etc) are more involved and require careful planning. Some developers will start trying to build out their subscription model, then soon realize that they could use another pair of eyes. By hiring an experienced Stripe developer, companies can leverage the expertise of someone familiar with Stripe's intricacies and get the payment system shipped faster and with more confidence.

4. Wanting to do it right

Payment processing is a critical feature and is something you want to get right on the first try. Hiring Stripe developers and/or architects is more of a guarantee that tech teams won’t run into issues of improper planning that can arise when a developer doesn’t know the platform as well as a certified pro.

4. Stripe-Certified oversight

Finally, some companies will want advisory support from Stripe-Certified Solution Architects. The company may have its own team working on the integration, and having a plan in place, but still doesn't have the same detailed Stripe-specific experience as someone who’s been certified. Having an extra pair of certified eyes and/or hands can prevent painting into accidental corners, and make everyone more confident that the chosen approach is the right one.

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