Why Our Team is Stripe Certified; Yes, Including Non-Developers

Mike Cavaliere
Mike CavaliereTuesday, October 4, 2022
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Stripe’s incredibly robust ecosystem allows our clients to accept more payments in more elaborate and customized ways than ever. And software agencies like us can quickly implement these complex solutions with an ease that did not exist a decade ago. Turning our team members into Stripe Certified Developers and Stripe Certified Implementation Architects helps us further that goal.

Stripe is Powerful…Projects are Complex

Stripe's APIs themselves—from Checkout to Billing to Payments—are incredibly intuitive and a joy to work with. Our clients’ business models can be much more complex.

Take, for example, one of our projects in the real estate space, a mobile app. The owners of the app needed to allow their customers to subscribe to multiple services provided by different businesses as a bundled subscription so that users could make a single payment. After each successful payment, the submitted amount would be split and transferred into appropriate Connect accounts for every service provider.

Each Stripe API we used—Connect, Elements, and Billing—is straightforward and extremely well-documented. But to implement a solution like the above one, each developer needs to know the capabilities of Stripe’s tools so that planning the architecture is less risky and implementation goes smoothly.

What Stripe Developers Learn

Being certified gives our engineers access to thorough training resources and testing provided by Stripe. After undergoing Stripe Developer training, our engineers have a more solid understanding of:

  • Which Stripe product to use for different use cases
  • Internal Stripe APIs, limitations, and capabilities
  • All about the payments industry: credit processors, fraud, chargebacks, etc
  • What happens behind the scenes when payments are accepted: the full lifecycle of a charge

And since it’s developer-specific training, they also learn:

  • Technical best practices
  • Project launch best practices
  • How to thoroughly use Stripe’s UI tools in development, testing, and production

What Stripe Implementation Architects Learn

Our employees who have received Stripe Implementation Architect certification get a similarly deep understanding of the Stripe platform, its products, and the industry. They also work hands-on with Stripe’s APIs during training and on projects. But in addition, they receive training and testing on the specifics of:

  • Architecting large-scale, complex payment flows with Stripe products
  • Project planning for complex Stripe implementation projects
  • Strategies for determining business needs and choosing approaches accordingly
  • Lots more tools for proposing and executing the right solution for the project

What Non-Developers Learn about Stripe

Others in our organization have also undergone Stripe Sales Training or general Stripe product training and business fundamentals. This keeps them knowledgeable about things that are very important for our customers, such as common payment needs of different business models (SaaS apps, marketplaces, eCommerce apps), and a good understanding of Stripe products, just like the developers and architects.

By having even non-developers trained on these things, everyone working on a Stripe implementation project can work together to ensure that we’re taking the right approach at all times.

Knowledge is Power…and Quality

We are always looking for ways our team members can remain a few steps ahead when it comes to technical and strategic expertise.

After training like this, our engineers have a more solid knowledge of the industry and finer details of all things Stripe. That level of understanding, combined with their hands-on experience implementing payments solutions, means that:

  • they’ll ship code that is rock-solid
  • they’ll be more likely to spot risks in project planning
  • they’ll solve technical problems more wisely

And for our architects:

  • they’ll account for all stakeholders and business goals when doing discovery
  • they’ll propose the most comprehensive solution that targets all of those goals using Stripe products efficiently
  • they’ll work with our developers to execute it to perfection

The end result: solving the right problem, with the right tools, in the right timeline - providing the right solution for our clients.

Doin’ it (Stripe) Well

As we specialize in software solutions that integrate Stripe payment processing products, it is important that our whole team — both code-facing and client-facing members — is confident in their Stripe expertise. Having a qualified, Stripe-certified team offers the highest value to our customers. This allows us to provide better and faster service when advising on payment processing needs, building and implementing Stripe payment solutions, and integrating Stripe APIs to brand specifications.

(To learn more about how Echobind works with Stripe, visit to our Stripe partner page)

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