How Businesses Benefit from Integrating with Stripe

Claire Surma
Claire SurmaWednesday, October 12, 2022
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Our team is consistently exploring new ways we can better support our customer’s big ideas, expand their reach, and grow their revenue streams. For that reason, Echobind recently became a Stripe consulting partner, getting a number of our people trained and certified in Stripe’s products.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a platform for payments infrastructure. In its simplest form, the Stripe platform enables businesses to accept various payment methods — credit or debit cards, mobile wallets, and buy now / pay later services — and securely transfer customer funds into their business account(s). But Stripe also does a whole lot more! It can enable apps to accept recurring payments, handle invoicing easily, decrease fraud, refund charges, and overall optimize a company’s revenue.

Why should anyone care about payments processing?

The most recent Census Bureau's Annual Retail Trade Survey reported e-commerce sales increased by $244.2 billion, or 43%, in the first year of the pandemic. With this continued e-commerce boom ballooning online transactions, it is important for businesses to safely position themselves in the digital economy in order to participate in customers’ purchasing and spending trends. This is why our Echobind team has dedicated time and resources to becoming experts in developing and implementing online payment solutions.

Who Uses Stripe?

  • As a customer, you have definitely paid a business via Stripe products
  • eCommerce companies accepting one-time customer payments, like Papier
  • B2B SaaS companies accepting recurring payments, like Slack
  • Marketplace or SaaS Platforms accepting one-to-one or one-to-many payments, like InstaCart or Shopify
  • Online content creators
  • Individuals with small businesses all the way to large Fortune 500 enterprises

Why Use Stripe?

Numbers sometimes speak louder than words. Here are a few stats on why many companies use Stripe’s platform:

  • increases cart conversion rates by 35%
  • reduces fraud by 32%
  • accepts 135+ currencies in 47+ countries

Here are some features of the Stripe platform:

  • A seamless customer checkout experience
  • Collects, routes, and pays money globally
  • Flexible pricing options (per seat, fixed fee, or usage-based)
  • Accepts coupons, free trials, prorations, and overages
  • Comprehensive financial health reporting
  • Third-party systems (ERPs and CRMs) integration
  • Compliance requirement guides
  • Security features that encrypt and protect financial information

Any business processing payments can integrate with Stripe products to improve their checkout experience, reduce fraudulent charges, and accept more forms of payment online. Our Echobind team members from Engineering, Strategy, and Community and Partnerships received comprehensive training on Stripe products to become Stripe Practitioner, Implementation Architect, and Developer Certified. This means we have a team of experts ready and available to help in advising on payment processing needs, implementing eCommerce payment solutions, and integrating Stripe APIs into apps and platforms for our clients.

(To learn more about how Echobind works with Stripe, visit to our Stripe partner page)

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