Our Takeaways from Stripe Sessions 2024 in San Francisco

Kishan Gajera
Kishan GajeraWednesday, May 1, 2024
Our Takeaways from Stripe Sessions 2024 in San Francisco

Our team is back from Stripe Sessions and we are excited to share all the new updates. The Stripe team covered a lot of ground and we can’t wait to help our clients take advantage of all the new features that were released.

New Features Announced

There were too many features announced at Sessions to cover in this post but we’ve highlighted a few features below that will have immediate positive impacts for our clients as well as our Labs projects.

In general, a pattern we noticed throughout a majority of the features announced were:

  • they can be directly configured through the Stripe Dashboard or using low-code solutions
  • they allow imposing your business logic onto the Stripe platform

Both of these points result in you writing and maintaining less code and getting your product out there faster.

Stripe Connect Embeddable Components

Stripe now has 17 embeddable components that can be used with Stripe Connect. This has greatly reduced the complexity and development time needed to build Connect implementations. With this low-code solution, it allows you to embed different pieces of Stripe functionality directly into your app:

In our past implementations, we have found the Stripe Hosted Onboarding flow to provide the most friction and confusing experience for end-users so the component we’ll focus on migrating to in many of our projects is the Account Onboarding component.

We’ve already started improving the onboarding experience for our Labs product, Kind Kiosk. In the screenshot below, you can see the differences in UI between the two approaches. On the left, we have the hosted onboarding flow, where a user has to click a button to be redirected away from our app to a Stripe hosted page. On the right, we have embedded the account onboarding component customized to use our Kind Kiosk brand colors which provides a much more seamless flow to our users.

Stripe Sigma AI Assistant

Many of our clients have been leveraging Stripe Sigma to create reports to pull various data they need out of Stripe. In order to use Sigma, you need to know how to write a SQL query, which likely means a developer would need to get involved.

It’s now possible to use natural language to generate the SQL query which breaks down the barrier for accountants and other roles to use Sigma. We are looking forward to introducing this to our clients:

Payment Methods

Stripe has continuously been making improvements to increase conversions for their Checkout suite and they’ve released a number of enhancements around payment method presentment. Stripe has also added more payment methods options such as Amazon Pay and 50+ others that can be easily enabled through the Stripe dashboard.

With the number of payment method options increasing, it can be difficult to know which ones are appropriate to present to your customer. We learned that Stripe now takes on the burden of this with Dynamic Payment Methods which uses their AI models trained on millions of businesses to help present the right payment methods to user based on their location, currency, device type, browser, transaction amount, and other factors.

In addition to this, Stripe announced additional options for managing presentment by configuring payment rules or setting up experiments for A/B testing through the Stripe dashboard:

Echobind’s Stripe Partnership

We’ve been partners with Stripe since the start of their partnership program and we are proud to announce that we've been officially recognized as a Stripe Services Implementation Specialized Partner in 2024, the highest achievement in the Stripe Partner Ecosystem.

The Stripe Services Implementation Specialization is awarded to partners who have demonstrated excellence in leading successful implementations, driving user activations, and passing Stripe's capabilities assessment, showcased by their proficiency in delivering high-quality services to customers.

We've worked hard to learn the intricacies of Stripe's software and align it with our client's needs to create the most seamless, effective marketplaces imaginable. This indicates that you're partnering with a proven services provider, skilled in Stripe implementation and dedicated to your success. In short? We want to give you the most professional (and effective) experience possible.

We're excited about the opportunity to partner with you to showcase our Stripe skillset and how quickly we can push your company forward.

Kishan is a senior software engineer here at Echobind. Want his expertise on your next big project? Shoot us a note at and we'll chat all about it.

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