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Why Video Has Always Been The Key

Sean Ely
Sean ElyTuesday, February 20, 2024
Why Video Has Always Been The Key

Since 2009, all I’ve ever been excited to do is make videos.

I borrowed a friend’s camcorder and somehow won a nationwide basketball trick shot contest with my college roommate during our senior year, where I shot and edited a montage of us making ridiculous baskets that we scripted. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Learning how to cut scenes together from trial and error in Windows Movie Maker was a high I’d never experienced before.

But for the last four years leading up to that day, I had been studying to be a print journalist. Not a video editor. I hustled down leads and treated the Associated Press Stylebook like the Bible. I interned in small newsrooms, freelanced at magazines and obsessed over my writing classes like Mozart treated sheet music.

How did a few late nights of editing suddenly have me wanting to change the entire direction of my future? With videography, of course. Not basketball. I was a 5-foot-nothing kid who spent the semester eating Pasta Roni every meal. I wasn’t exactly “league ready” despite the grand prize giant check that arrived to my apartment.

So I thought to myself, “What if I could combine video editing AND reporting into the perfect job?”

Upon graduation two months later, I clung to the field of “multimedia”, where I could meet people and tell their stories as a reporter both in writing, as well as on camera and in the editing room, putting it all together on newspapers’ websites as one complete package.

And for years, that’s what I did. At the root of it all, I realized why this “work” was so intriguing to me: Narrative.

No matter who or what I was interested in, I wanted to properly tell their story in an easily-digestible way, with a proper beginning, middle and end. I became addicted to taking a topic that not everyone was familiar with, and making it the most intriguing thing in their lives that day.

And a few years later, I added a third love to the mix: Marketing.

A friend passed along a job posting where a startup marketing company was paying four people across the country to wear a different company’s logo on their T-shirts every day of the week, and make a video that marketed their brand in a way never seen before. Write a script, film and edit the video, and upload it to the internet. Every day, for years.

Uh, did someone create this opportunity specifically for me?

The research and writing? Journalism. The cameras and editing software? Videography. The unique brand awareness and call-to-action mindset? Marketing.

This is exactly what I was meant to do in my career. So I made a video resume to stand out from everyone and got the job.

Fast forward a decade, and here we are today at Echobind

After having freelanced with Echobind for years—helping this amazing agency tell their story—I was fortunate enough to come aboard full time to do my favorite type of work every day.

Making videos and marketing strategies for companies that believe in technology and staying ahead of their competition…while telling their unique stories? Of course.

I get to research innovative brands top to bottom and provide my thoughts on how they can flourish best in their landscape. And it's work I'm ecstatic to provide your company if you work with us, alongside beginning to create informative, high-energy videos that summarize what you do best.

It can live on your homepage, be pinned to the top of your socials or work as an email marketing asset to show everyone what you’ve built. It accents your technology and overall design work beautifully.

Remember: There’s nothing like well-done visual communication. Whether it’s a studio movie or an eight-second TikTok, we are more enamored by video in 2024 than any other consumable medium.

Bringing together my love of video alongside focusing so passionately on your storyline and what makes you special is something I cannot wait to dive into with you.

A whopping 91% of people have watched an “explainer video” to better learn about a product or company

And 69% of consumers believe a product demo best assists them when making a purchase. Yet, only 47% of marketers have invested in these videos despite 88% of marketers “believing it’s important to their strategy.”

Since I've arrived at Echobind, we can now prioritize video content more than ever before.

I’m ecstatic to work this year alongside Echobind's wildly-talented engineers, product specialists and designers to give our clients the most well-rounded set of software imaginable, from how it looks to how it works.

If you want to partner on some work, and love video like we do, don’t hesitate to reach out at Or via our contact form.

Sean is Echobind's content & marketing manager; you can follow him on X at @heyseanely; video statistics credit to Amy Burchill's blog post.

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