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Elevate Your Remote Work Setup With These Staff Picks

Sean Ely
Sean ElyTuesday, December 12, 2023
Elevate Your Remote Work Setup With These Staff Picks

Since Echobind's inception, we've worked hard to gather the best people around. From software engineers, to project managers to product strategists, we cling to individuals who love quality work, push to challenge themselves to learn more and at the end of the day, are just solid human beings at their core.

The take 'em home to meet the parents kinda thing, ya know? Not that you would, that would be extremely random, but the sentiment remains. You could if you wanted, they're THAT well-rounded. Sorry, let's move on.

Also since our company's launch in 2015, we've been fully remote. The work-from-home craze? Uh, yeah, that's less of a craze and more of just another Monday. Which means, we know a thing or two about efficient, yet cozy home office setups.

I pinged our staff to pass along their favorite items that help make their individual workdays more enjoyable. Whether it's a piece of technology to level up their projects or even a blanket that keeps them cozy throughout the day, I wanted to hear about it all.

With the holidays coming up, there's no better time to have this list handy. You can buy for someone, or just snag an item for yourself. You earned it.

The Echobind Staff Recommendations List:

Steelcase leap v2 chair

The Steelcase Leap V2 Office Chair: Pressure-free seat foam, customizable tilt and arm adjusters, wildly comfortable.

Cully Larson and Brandon Richey agreed this is "the best office chair" they've used in their careers. Cully even said, "I had some lower back pain that basically went away after getting this chair."

It's currently 50% off on's website, which is professionally refurbished to alleviate the pricetag.

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB Gaming Split Mechanical Keyboard: 20-inch adjustable linking cable, one-handed gaming and ergonomic typing, RGB backlighting

Matt Thompson said it "eases my shoulder, wrist and (overall) developer hunch."

And for those who want a more modest version and smaller pricetag, the Freestyle2 version is available for half the price.

Blender Bottle's Koda Water Jug: 74-ounce capacity, leakproof lid, carry handle, measurement markings

Alex Anderson swears by this beauty, not only for its design, but the fact he only has to refill it once to hit his daily water quota (because we're all sick of running and forth to the kitchen, let's be honest). And at $14.99, you can't beat the price for the quality of the bottle.

reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet: Writes like real paper, converts to a digital file.

It's a digital tablet but it writes like real paper. And then converts it all to typed text. Oh, and the battery lasts two weeks. And it integrates with Google Workspace, too. "I take notes on that and import into Obsidian," said Brandon Richey.

Rigstne Coffee Mug Warmer: Lightning-fast heat-up time, four temperature options, timer function

This thing heats up your beverage in less than 30 seconds and even can be used to help melt candle wax to release aroma in the room. "You just can't go wrong with a good mug warmer," said Brandon Richey. And for $25.99 and 100+ ratings over 4.5/5, we can see why a lot of people love it.

Selk'bag Original Wearable Sleeping Bag: Synthetic insulation, soft polyester shell, machine washable, crazy warm

Our own Cully Larson loves dropping this one in Slack. People buy one for camping, and then they use it all-year round. Also, if you want to work outside on your patio in the winter, or in an igloo you made with your kids, this comes in handy. Seriously, you could.

Homemade desk with butcher block slab: Sleek, practical, lateral room for days

And finally, we're so excited to show you Mariah Grey's desk setup which truly delivers on both aesthetics and functionality. "I like long deskspace set ups," said Mariah. If you were looking for the motivation to create a new desk setup, this is it going into 2024. So, so clean.

Have an item you swear by? Feel free to fire ideas over to us on X and keep the conversation going.

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