The Unseen Value of Completing Side Projects

Dennis Campos
Dennis CamposThursday, February 22, 2024
The Unseen Value of Completing Side Projects

We all have them - the graveyards of side projects. These ventures linger in the shadows, often half-finished or untouched, reminiscent of relics in a forgotten tomb. Yet, within these endeavors lie hidden treasures, often overlooked and undervalued. This is particularly true for developers, though the insights here resonate across various professions.

Provides diversification

Side projects serve as a sandbox for developing skills. They provide engineers with a unique platform to experiment with new technologies, methodologies, and concepts that they may or may not encounter in their day-to-day role. The exploration is not about learning a language or tool but about embracing a holistic approach to problem-solving, and creativity. You will adapt to more patterns and make connections to your work.

Fulfillment and Creative Outlet

Aside from professional benefits, side projects can serve as a creative outlet and provide a sense of personal achievement and fulfillment. They allow engineers to explore areas they are passionate about, independent of the constraints typically found in their primary job. Side projects also create space for self-expression, enabling engineers to bring their unique ideas to life, experiment without fear of failure, and cultivate a sense of pride in their individual accomplishments.

The tech industry is constantly evolving, making it challenging to keep up with current trends. Side projects provide a practical way to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies, ensuring that we remain relevant in our field. Showing other developers that you are actively involved in your craft, open to challenges, and constantly seeking knowledge can create a positive impression. This can foster collaboration and provide opportunities for learning.


So, continue working on those side projects, even if you end up abandoning them in your GitHub graveyard.

I leave you with this commitstrip image that captures the outlook of side projects.

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