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Krystalyn Bauer
Krystalyn BauerWednesday, June 8, 2022
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Here at Echobind, we are a fully remote, nationally distributed team. We can be found in the four corners of the US and anywhere in between. One of our most beloved perks is our Annual Summit where we get our team together IRL to do something fun, somewhere awesome. After a two-year hiatus from our Annual Summit tradition, we wanted to make up for lost time but our Annual Summit isn't scheduled until later this year.

Queue: Spring Peaks.

Spring Peaks are our newly exercised regional meetups. Our first Spring Peak took place in sunny San Diego in the beautiful area of Encinitas. A short day of coworking, office donuts required, followed by tacos near the beach was the perfect start for many of us to meet each other for the first time in person. Our first Spring Peak was full of incredible views, great food, and lots of laughs.

Team dinner

Plate with steak, carrot, and potatoes

Sunset with palm trees

Company photo

For our next Spring Peak, we moved up to the Pacific Northwest where our crew met for a little coworking and a little friendly competition at Top Golf. Our team was able to meet one of our newest Echobind Babies and also enjoyed great food, and lots of laughs.

Woman smiling and man holding baby

Chicken and waffles on a plate

Women playing golf

Next we flew south to the Sunshine State where our team gathered at React Miami for some conference fun and learning, great food, and lots of laughs. (Are you sensing the theme here?)

Company photo at dinner

Two women holding signs at React Miami

Company photo at lunch

Table with seafood dinner

We kept the coastal theme going and headed to Brooklyn, NY. The first stop was obviously for bagels & lox, and then continued our theme of coworking, great food and lots of laughs. The view of the city from Harriet's Rooftop Bar did not disappoint!

Board with a bagel, lox, and cream cheese

Men standing on New York roof top

Women smile in front of water in New York

Company photo at dinner

Venturing back down south, but inland this time, a group of our engineering team went to RenderATL for fried chicken, hip hop music, and all things software engineering. The food, laughs and great company continued.

Company photo at Render ATL

Hand holding food

Echobind logo on DJ booth

Company photo with swag

We are stoked to plan our last, but not least, Spring(ish) Peak in KY before we all get together for our annual summit this fall. If things go as planned and stay on theme, this Peak may need its own blog post!

Map of the United States

Our get-togethers are invaluable for our company and culture, and help strengthen connections so that our team can continue to thrive. Having a little fun never hurts, either.

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