Elixir & Phoenix Conf 2016 Recap — For the Love of Programming

If you’re a developer, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you self-selected into your career path. For many, myself included, programming tapped into something that sparked a deep interest. Perhaps you’re a tinkerer — exploring the inner-workings of code and discovering all that is possible. Perhaps you’re a doer — empowered by the tools that programming puts in your hands.

Perhaps it’s simply for the love of programming.

Returning from Elixirconf 2016, I’m reminded that it can as simple as that. It can be the [Nerves team] (https://twitter.com/NervesProject) making embeddable software with Elixir. It can be Lauren Tan making the leap into full stack development from the front-end and learning what this language can do. It can be seen in the hallways as people hack away together.

The community continues to scale as well as the language does itself.

We’re happy to be a part of the Elixir and Phoenix community, and we hope to see you in Bellevue next year. We’ll be releasing the full gallery of everything we captured in Orlando — minus the hurricane.

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