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Software Development: A Woodworkers Perspective (Final)

Matt Thompson
Matt ThompsonMonday, April 1, 2019
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“Make it a habit!”

Make it a Habit

You finished a project — congrats!

What’s next?

Do it all again!
Only this time, you carry every experience from this project with you.

I know I need to plan better…
Is there a whiteboard around here?

I know I may need to find better tools and resources…
I’ll make the list.

I know mistakes are going to happen…
But I can react differently this time — I can continue to grow and learn.

I know I can’t always do it all…
— I’ll learn my limits — I’ll ask for help

I know if I keep building on my mistakes…
I’ll continue to grow.
— I’ll be able to help others grow

Regardless of your profession. Woodworking, Development, or other, as we continue to push forward, to make mistakes and learn, I hope we can do so together.

Do Good. Then do good work.

Until next time,

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