Software Development: A Woodworkers Perspective (Final)

April 1, 2019

Matt Thompson

“Make it a habit!”

Make it a Habit

You finished a project — congrats!

What’s next?

Do it all again!
Only this time, you carry every experience from this project with you.

I know I need to plan better…
Is there a whiteboard around here?

I know I may need to find better tools and resources…
I’ll make the list.

I know mistakes are going to happen…
But I can react differently this time
— I can continue to grow and learn.

I know I can’t always do it all…
— I’ll learn my limits
— I’ll ask for help

I know if I keep building on my mistakes…
I’ll continue to grow.
— I’ll be able to help others grow

Regardless of your profession. Woodworking, Development, or other, as we continue to push forward, to make mistakes and learn, I hope we can do so together.

Do Good. Then do good work.

Until next time,

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Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is a lead engineer at Echobind, mentor, and content creator. Matt spends most of his time finding ways to improve the process for others. When he’s not building software, you’ll find him enjoying time with family, unplugging with a book, and woodworking.