Rails Scopes: Create Faster, Cleaner Queries

Deloris Thompson
Deloris ThompsonWednesday, February 15, 2023
Rails Scopes: Create Faster, Cleaner Queries

With the use of scopes, a developer can create a fast query and add additional methods like pluck that would otherwise throw an error.

Why use Scopes?

Scopes allow a developer to create reusable code instead of a method in the controller. Scopes also return an ActiveRecord::Relation object, opening the door for combining multiple scopes.

Let's look at one example where scopes are better:

def member_ids member_emails = ['', '', ''] Account.where(email: member_emails) end

How to Create:

scopes are created inside a method. While not required, adding additional arguments is possible.


scope :name_for_method, →(arguments NOT required) {query is inserted here!}

# Grab all users with a certain role (roles is an array) scope :admin, { where('? = ANY(roles)', 'Admin') }

This will allow using the method globally for the class. A class in Ruby is a controller. It also has methods.


Or grab all accounts with a certain role. This is created inside the method file for your Ruby class.

def admin Account.admin.pluck(:id) end


Scopes provide cleaner code and remove the need for multiple class methods. They also allow combining multiple scopes and do not contain overly complicated logic.


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