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Does Your Product Need A Facelift?

Eloisa Docton
Eloisa DoctonFriday, April 26, 2024
Does Your Product Need A Facelift?

Is your product feeling dated? Have other competitors appeared since you launched?

Your product might need a brand refresh.

Every Brand’s Ugly Truth

All brands reach a point of needing a change, sometimes it’s a simplification, an expansion, a complete rebrand, and, sometimes, a brand facelift (or refresh).

There is a lot of misconception on whether or not you think you are ready for a rebrand. Rebranding takes an intense amount of research, A/B and market testing, feedback gathering, brand psychology, and the list goes on.

In short, rebranding takes a large amount of effort, and budget, which is why it’s more common for a brand to undergo an update than it is to rebrand.

What is a Product Facelift?

A brand refresh refers to the process of updating and revitalizing elements of a brand's identity, messaging, and visual aesthetics while retaining its core values and essence. It involves making strategic changes to modernize the brand and better align it with current market trends, consumer preferences, or shifts in the company's positioning.

Here are some key components to keep in mind:

Market Research

Conducting market research and gathering customer feedback to inform the refresh process and ensure the changes resonate with the target audience.


A brand refresh often involves refining the brand's messaging, including its tagline, brand voice, and communication style, to ensure it resonates with target audiences and reflects the brand's current values and objectives.

Brand Strategy

This is when you reevaluate the brand's positioning, target audience, competitive landscape, and overall marketing strategy to identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Visual Identity

This involves updating or modernizing the brand's logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and overall design elements to give the brand a fresh look while maintaining recognizability.

Transfer Findings to Product

Once we have learned from our research and have created the branding refresh, we are then ready to create the new UI for your digital product. This includes background colors, buttons, fonts, graphics, and all visual elements.

We also take the opportunity to polish the user’s experience to ensure that the branding, messaging and flow perform as expected.

Sometimes these User Experiences require complete overhauls, but sometimes small tweaks can also provide the product with the right push to move the dial towards more positive results. This allows for small changes and bigger, more measurable impact.

So, where does your brand fall in this list? We're happy to help you determine just that.

Eloisa is a senior designer here at Echobind and is ecstatic at the thought of working on some killer designs for you this year. Don't hesitate to reach out at

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