A fun, animated, mobile-first prototype to help people save money.

Commonwealth builds solutions to solve financial challenges and demonstrates their impact by executing projects in the real world. One of the best ways to test the market and pitch these solutions to prospective partners is by creating prototypes.

Commonwealth turned to Echobind to make the prototype for SavingsQuest.

The app's job

SavingsQuest was designed to make it fun for people to spend less money. It borrows elements from video games and fitness trackers to reward users for making cost-saving choices. In short, it gets people hooked on saving money.

The problem

Games need clever, slick animations to engage their audience. That can be costly to do. As a non-profit, Commonwealth needed banks to help support the project. But first, they had to create a compelling prototype to help sell the concept to those banks.

Our Solution

Echobind developed a responsive, mobile-first web app with smooth, detailed animations. We also provided preliminary API development to show how it would interact with a user's bank account. Everything about the prototype was fully tested and documented for fast and easy handoff to the commercial partners.

About Echobind

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