We. Have. A. Plan.

No matter how big, tough or urgent your project is — Echobind has a plan.

Plan for success

We've been through every type of bruising assignment before. And we've distilled all the lessons into a playbook that works. We come with methods, workflows and collaborative structures that will give you clarity and confidence. If you want to immediately feel better about your project, give us a shout.

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Alvin CrespoSenior Software Engineer
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Robert BeeneDirector of Engineering
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Chris BallCTO
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Michael YaredCEO
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Ashley NelmsAccount Manager
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Ryan AtkinsonSenior Software Engineer
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Matt ThompsonSoftware Engineer
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Isaiah GreySenior Software Engineer
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Elrick RyanCreative Engineer
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Gabriel MartinAssociate Engineer
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Deen DennoSoftware Engineer
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Mike CavaliereSenior Software Engineer
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Sarah CaseDirector of Operations
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Joe PreviteSoftware Engineer
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Anne TolmieAccount Manager
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Josh BucheaSoftware Engineer
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Kory TegmanSenior Software Engineer
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Michael DangDesigner
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Jenn RobisonSenior Software Engineer

Your online army

We're a remote agency, with team members all over the country. Because we collaborate online all day, it's really easy for you to find us and check in. As an added bonus, there's no High Street office inflating your bill. Or a Low Street office, for that matter.

But the best thing about being a remote agency? We can recruit the most talented and enterprising developers, no matter where in the United States they live. So that's what we do.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to app development. You'll want a system in place to make sure everything's done right and on time. These are the operating procedures and coding processes that will get your project delivered.

If you're an awesome, user-first, friendly technologist looking to expand your skills, get in touch. We're a remote agency that collaborates online, and we hire individuals that we feel will bring passion and add to our culture.

As you can see by looking around, we sell ourselves as an approachable group of thinkers and doers who can step into a project at any stage. We only recruit people who fit that mold.