Performant, real-time dashboards with millions of rows of data.

Decision Resources Group (DRG) provides healthcare analytics, insight, and research data via custom web dashboards. Nearly all of these products require high-performance, responsive data visualizations. DRG turned to Echobind to help guide their team of developers and improve multiple products. One of the products we worked with DRG on is the Organized Customer Group Navigator (OCGN).

The app's job

The OCGN was designed so people could search doctors across the country, sorting them by geography, specialty, ACO affiliation and more. Results are shown on a map and in a series of charts. As users change their search criteria, the maps and charts needed to update instantaneously.

The problem

There are an awful lot of records in the OCGN. Every time a user changes their search filters, the app has to crunch more than one million rows of data to produce the new visuals. DRG came to Echobind when early versions of the app weren’t working. The PostgreSQL platform wasn’t able to deliver the seamless visualization that users expect of a dashboard.

Our Solution

Echobind re-thought the architecture of the OCGN and applied a deep knowledge of Ember, Rails, and Elasticsearch to squeeze out maximum performance for the data visualizations in the app. No matter how many filters you throw at it, results are processed in milliseconds and flow through to the the maps and charts in real-time.

About Echobind

Echobind builds custom web and mobile apps. We also understand the complexities of the healthcare industry. Our team can help you build a new app from scratch, or give your team a boost to meet a deadline.

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