Our Favorite Client Work

We’d like to show you some of our favorite client work. We’ve built products, solved complex problems, and built some great internal tools for our clients.

We’d love to do the same for you.

Decision Resources Group

Custom Training, Team Augmentation

Decision Resources Group decided to leverage Ember on new and existing products and required some outside guidance. They looked to Echobind to augment and train each development team.

Our team split up across each major product allowing our developers to guide technical decisions, mentor and meet business requirements for the existing teams. Additionally, we put together a custom, on-site training program for a new product team. We implemented a more efficient developer workflow, acted as an advisor across corporate products, and furthered development of each while coaching developers on best practices and techniques using the Ember framework.


Team Augmentation

When Kinvey set out to rebuild the front-end of the client console using Ember, they found themselves faced with an aggressive deadline. They already had a great team in place, but needed some extra help to get over the finish line.

We built the analytics section of the console using d3 for graphs and helped the team with many other areas of the application.


API, Provider Queue, Internal Tools

Teladoc needed an internal application built for their call center. After completing that application, we built a new, easier to use version of their API for use by external partners.


Streamline Process, API, Testing

Meddik spent nearly a year building their app. They built an inovative, functional product but had issues maintaining it.

We helped them put development and deployment processes in place to better build and manage their product. We completely rewrote their test suite, and offered guidence on how to properly test their app.

We also built a full API for future partner integrations.


Backend Rewrite, API, Testing

Startupthreads had an existing dashboard built. It was a good first pass, but had poor maintainability and no tests.

We added a comprehensive test suite, background processing, and rewrote a large portion of the codebase to help with speed and future maintenance. We streamlined the order UI, fulfillment processing, and built an API for vendor use.


Build MVP

Studimetrics came to us with a vision - a site built around algorithms that analyze how you perform on SAT practice tests and offer the best way to improve.

We helped them build a product that allows users to track their projected test scores against averages for colleges they are interested in attending. It also offers video exercises and weekly progress reports.

Circle Surrogacy

Website, Surrogate Portal, Internal Tools

We helped Circle reduce manual process by replacing Word documents and spreadsheets with great internal tools that move parents, donors, and surrogates through the surrogacy process.

We built a main website and a surrogate portal with custom admin backends. These sites integrate with Circle’s CRM and marketing tools, automating the capture of client signatures and information.