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Betting on React Native

We are betting on React Native at Echobind. We are convinced that it is the best way to create great mobile apps today. We’re also quite excited about what React Native enables us to produce for our clients.

- February 16, 2017

Composing React components through property transference

Recently I’ve been working in React, creating a component library that enable developers to compose their interface. There are many examples out there on how to create a composable component, but none of them really addressed my number one concern...

- February 09, 2017

Why Your Company Should Contribute to Open Source

Why open source? This is a question I was asked when inquiring whether a client wanted to open source a portion of their project. For clients, it seems counterintuitive to give away something that costs money. For those businesses that do, it can pay back in spades.

- January 09, 2017

How to Easily Create Custom Skills for Alexa

After another influx of Alexa powered devices made their way into consumer homes, many companies hope to create custom skills. We’ve had the opportunity to help integrate custom business logic that will keep our clients top of mind, and you can too...

- January 04, 2017

Thanks for 2016!

From having fun with “Island Survival Kits”, to training developers on the other side of the world, 2016 was a great year for us. We’re capping off our year by talking about some of the apps we launched, the fun times we had, and the friends we made.

- January 02, 2017

Working Together

People looking to build an application know what they want, but they don’t always know the most effective way to get there. It’s our job to make their lives easier by guiding them through the process.

- December 27, 2016

What Is JWT and Why Does It Matter

As web and mobile applications integrate with other services, it becomes increasingly important to be able to give access in a secure fashion.

- November 30, 2016

Autoplaying video using GIFs

Recently a technical challenge came my way that involved auto playing video on mobile devices. This isn’t technically possible though because data is not loaded unless the user initiates the request. So my adventure in trying to workaround this issue...

- October 21, 2016

Customize Ember Blueprints

ember version badge

Do you find yourself making the same set of changes to a file every time you run ember g <blueprint-name>? Did you know you can customize Ember’s built-in blueprints to fit the style of your project and avoid the extra work?

- September 26, 2016

Elixir & Phoenix Conf 2016 Recap - For the Love of Programming

If you’re a developer, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you self-selected into your career path. For many, myself included, programming tapped into something that sparked a deep interest.

- September 08, 2016

Welcome Alvin!

We’re excited to welcome Alvin Crespo to Echobind! Alvin has years of experience developing great software products.

- September 06, 2016

Move your Ember Tests to Mocha

ember-cli ships with QUnit as the default testing framework. If you’d like to move to Mocha here’s a quick reference on how to do so.

- August 18, 2016

Starting a Phoenix Project with Docker

Before I setup a new Dockerfile for a new technology stack, I like to map out how I would do this without Docker. How would I set this up if I didn’t mind muddying my host OS with a given technology?

- August 11, 2016

Leveling Up With Echobind

As a development agency, Echobind makes it a core tenet to be a friendly, helpful participant in the communities we operate in. We strive to level up everyone: not just our clients.

- May 05, 2016

Recap of Ruby on Ales 2016

If you have the chance to go to Ruby on Ales, take it. You won’t be disappointed.

- April 10, 2016

40 Hours are Optimal

It’s shocking how many people tell me they work for companies where 60 hour weeks are normal. Many say that they are expected to always be on call and answer emails before and after work. Employees who simply put in 40 hours a week are looked down upon or penalized.

- March 15, 2016

The Real Costs of Not Keeping Software Current

Have you ever been in an interview, either as the employer or a candidate, and felt the cringe occur when the developer is told that the software stack the company is running on is years out-of-date?

- December 13, 2015