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VisitDays helps prospective students to organise campus visits at the colleges they’re considering. We built Mobi to make scheduling simple.

The app's job

Universities are much more likely to get an enrollment once a student has toured their campus. Mobi makes it really easy for prospects to schedule that crucial visit. It’s a third-party app that lives on University websites in a non-intrusive way. Students can use it to set up on-campus appointments with just a few clicks and keystrokes.

The catch

To live on top of University websites, Mobi had to be built in JavaScript. As such, we needed to develop a sandboxed application that could be universally integrated within any website regardless of the library or framework used on that website. Our team used Cloudfront CDN with SSL to ensure the fastest, most secure experience possible.

The happy ending

The result is an appealing application that does one thing (scheduling!) really well. Mobi can be deployed on any number of sites with a configurable start page. We even went the extra mile by building a living styleguide to make future customizations straightforward.

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