Big Data on a Dashboard

Dashboards are powerful tools. They allow users to visualize and analyze huge datasets at the speed of thought. To work well, they need to aggregate masses of information in real time. DRG wanted to create a dashboard of healthcare providers.

The app's job

The OCGN was designed so people could search doctors across the country, sorting them by geography, specialty, ACO affiliation and more. Results were to be shown on a map and in a series of charts. As users changed their search criteria, the maps and charts would update instantaneously.

The catch

There are an awful lot of records in the OCGN. Every time a user changes their search filters, the app has to crunch more than one million rows of data to produce the new visuals. DRG came to Echobind when early versions of the app weren’t working. The PostgreSQL platform wasn’t able to deliver the seamless visualization that users expect of a dashboard.

The happy ending

Echobind rethought the architecture of the OCGN and applied their deep knowledge of Ember, Rails and elasticsearch to rescue the project. The app now works as a real dashboard. No matter how many filters you throw at it, results are processed in milliseconds and flow through to the the maps and charts in real time.

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