Talking to the Machine

Amazon’s Alexa integrations have opened the floodgates to apps that respond to voice commands. We’ve helped multiple clients get the most from this powerful technology.

Alexa's role

Voice interactions can make apps more accessible and engaging. They're mostly used for simple requests, such as "what’s the weather?" However, we've combined Alexa with an OAuth2 provider to answer user-specific questions.

For example, we’ve worked on apps that check a user’s request against their data to answer contextual questions like:

  • where’s my delivery?
  • when did I last take my medicine?

The catch

Unless they’re done really well, voice interactions can produce a bad user experience. There’s no screen for users to refer back to if they get lost, or forget their options. It requires incredible attention to detail to get it right.

The happy ending

Echobind has developed multiple Alexa integrations, including for complex, multi-sentence commands. We’ve produced apps where it was a core feature, and others where it simply supported promotional activities at a tradeshow. These skills are helping us unlock the power of the Alexa platform for both our clients, and the users of their applications.

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